Highway Rush


Do you like arcade games ?

Do you like old video games ?

Try and see how far can you drive in this cool retro-style game. All you have to do is drive as long as you can.

Highway Rush is a high-speed car game with traffic on an endless road. It’s not easy to avoid collisions with other vehicles on the freeway while you are driving fast. If you crash into something the game will be over, If you are out of fuel the game will be over. You have to change lanes like lane splitting motorcycle.

There are other vehicles such as car, bus, ambulance, truck, tanker, police vehicle. You can avoid accidents by quickly changing lanes. No need to think about accelerate or break. if you catch the ‘Slow’ sign on the road your speed will be reduced and if you catch the ‘Fast’ sign your speed will be increased. Digital odometer on the screen will show you how far you have driven. There is no speedometer because you’ll know if you are fast or slow. There will be traffic jam. Take your chance to overtake vehicles by driving on the road verge. But be careful you may crash into a tree or a cyclist. Be aware of the fuel level. You may have to catch the gas pump signs on the road.

Some Features:

  • Speed increases automatically
  • Fuel consumption rate changes with speed
  • Maximum Speed is 120 km/h
  • Minimum Speed is 40 km/h
  • Clean graphics
  • 8 bit video games style menus.
  • Special sound effects
  • Special background music
  • Game Center support. See your position on the list of best gamers on the world
  • Facebook leaderboard. See your and your friends’ positions on leaderboard.
  • You can share your score with your friends via facebook, sms or mail